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Edit block in-place is a great way to modify block when you want to use other objects in the drawing as reference. It was originally for reference editing, but works for blocks too. So don’t expect you will see specific block editing tools like in block editor. Or do you have other method that’s not mentioned here?You can activate this by selecting a block, right click then choose edit block in-place from context menu. Besides the ability to use other objects as reference, there is one more interesting about this method. Use add or remove from working set from your ribbon. Certainly, which one you use depends on the circumstances. I work as an Application Engineer in Jakarta, Indonesia.One of the most popular benefit is when you need to modify all instances, you only need to modify one. We will see four method that you can use to modify your block here. Made any changes necessary, then recreate a block with the same name.However, it’s not possible to recreate the block if you select the block name from drop down list.Here is how it can be done to a drawing in one fell swoop. Now, here's the trick: Invert the process — rather than inserting the updated block drawing into the working drawing, go the other way, inserting the working drawing into Master "Create a new drawing that will contain all of the blocks that need to be updated. This will result in all blocks in the working drawing updating to what is in Master Block editor is a very powerful tool to edit your block.Not only allow you to modify your block geometry, you can also create a dynamic block here.

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The problem is each block in your drawing needs to be inserted individually in order to redefine it in the current drawing.

Open design center, select the masterblock drawing, select the block in design center, right click and select "insert and redefine." The old block in the project file is replaced with the one in the masterblock file.

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