Updating calculated gridview field

04-Mar-2020 06:36

In some situations, you want to update the display of an app when the user rotates the screen from portrait mode to landscape mode.For example, the app might show one item after the next in portrait mode, yet put those same items side-by-side in landscape mode.Currently this column is for display purposes only and I will not be doing anything else with the Weekly Total value.My question is, how can I achieve this requirement in APEX.The part that be reused is any query that provides the data for your grid.If you stored the query in a local variable, you can place that query expression directly into the Data parameter of the grid, or into an expression rule (if you're reusing it), and update the paging info to use the grid's instead. The new grid doesn't require local variables since you can pass the data directly to the grid, and the new grid will automatically refresh on data change; you don't need to use , in which case you will need to pass your data to the grid from a local variable. UX Design Guide: Grids: Includes UX best practices for designing grids.Hi, I'm using APEX v18.2 and I have rows in my Interactive Grid table where users are entering numeric values for each day of the week.I would like a Weekly Total column which calculates and displays the weekly total based on summing up the values for the individual days of the week.

Refer to the following code samples and screenshots.

Displays a read-only grid where you can display data as rich text, links, and images. The read-only grid is designed to be fast and easy to setup from Design Mode, and features a natural integration with the Query Editor.