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14-Nov-2019 18:48

What should appear is a report with a "Hardware Overview" of your Mac Pro. If it says "Mac Pro5,1" the no upgrade is to be done.If it says, "Mac Pro4,1" then an upgrade is applicable.Users of recent 15-inch Mac Book Pro models need to install an updated version of mac OS that was just released this morning.Details are scanty, but Apple says this fixes an unspecified firmware issue related to the T2 security chip.As part of the installation process, the firmware was installed. Boot the machine with an USB to install high sierra, by following the standard installation guide. Alternatively, you may use bless to update it manually, as long as the primary internal disk is there.

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Apple posted that firmware updates require a GUID partition scheme at the archived website Firmware updates for Intel-based Macs require a GUID partition scheme, although the site does not explicitly say this must be the primary drive.Before performing the upgrade, make certain that you do not have any unnecessarily attached USB devices plugged in.Attached peripherals can sometimes cause compatibility issues.The overview of upgrading your firmware is to download the Firmware utility, download the firmware, run the upgrade, and finally check that it all worked out.

The update can take some time but do not unplug, shutdown, restart or disturb you mac Pro while the update takes place. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. The Apple T2 chip is buried at the heart of almost all mac OS OS devices introduced since late 2017.

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