Updating flash player on ipod touch

22-Jan-2020 14:17

Basically my macbook becomes very hot and the fans start speeding up making such a noise it becomes hard to listen to my video on quite volumes.

Ive looked into possible causes for this problem and using activity monitor have discovered that when video is playing flash player is requiring 150% of my CPU which explains the heat and the fan noise.

I'm currently experiencing some problems with the flash player plugin for the latest version of Safari running on snow leopard.

Safari in general is running fine, no real problems, however when i navigate to a site where i wish to view a video, you tube or BBC i Player for example i run into a few issues.

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i do like Safari being in 64-Bit mode and have benefited from speed increases, particularly as safari is the most commonly used application on my mac, therefore switching back to 32-bit takes away some of the advantages of running snow leopard. In the end I tried a reset of the SMC which in my case meant powering down, removing the battery and pressing the Power button for 5 seconds. On restart, I opened Safari showing only a single blank page and the Flash player showed for a brief period at about 5 - 7% activity. I also saw in another thread, the idea that the new version of the Flash plugin (which is what is now needed) comes with an uninstaller and that some have had success by using this then reinstalling. is there any chance of loss of any files and or damage to hardware?The i Pod touch (3rd generation) can be distinguished from i Pod touch (2nd generation) by looking at the back of the device.