Updating sky hd epg

17-Feb-2020 15:53

At this point you'll be reaching for the phone to call SKY or logging on to to raise a ticket.This guide was written to provide you with a few helpful steps so that you could try and resolve the problem yourself.I receive many emails from people who never deleted anything in their deleted folder and as soon as the free space reached 10% or lower they started experiencing planner failures.While you may get lucky and experience no problems, taking 5 minutes each week to clear out the deleted folder will go a long way to extend the life of your system.Where a channel is unable to present HD first due to regionalised programming, Sky will continue to present the standard definition version first and list the HD version in the main section of the TV Guide.The following is a guide for anyone that owns a SKY HD box who would like to maintain it themselves.These updates have been proven to of had minimal pre-delivery testing.When an update is pushed out a small percentage of SKY box owners experience one or more glitches or even system failures.

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This universal software has to work on every type of SKY box that is still supported and is delivered at random times silently without you knowing when the next update is coming.

For example, where Sky One is at 106, Sky One 1 will be found at 206.

However, those who prefer to use the menus will find a new 1 menu in the TV Guide.

To delete the contents of your deleted folder: Your box has a section of the hard drive marked as available to you for storing recordings and downloaded programs.

A bar indicates how much of this space you have used and how much is free.From next month, the HD Channel Swap feature will ensure Sky subscribers always receive the best quality version of a channel at the higher position in the TV Guide - if they have access to the HD version, Sky will give them the HD version first by default.