Updating virtual devices daemon

23-Jun-2020 00:50

updating virtual devices daemon-43

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Chocolatey Pro provides runtime protection from possible malware.

The Azure Io T Edge security manager is a well-bounded security core for protecting the Io T Edge device and all its components by abstracting the secure silicon hardware.

Role-specific interfaces enable the interplay of major components of Io T Edge to assure the integrity of the Io T Edge device and its operations.

The cloud interface allows Io T Edge security daemon to access cloud services such as cloud compliments to device security like security renewal.

The Management API is a privileged API, callable only from the Io T Edge agent.

Since the Io T Edge security daemon bootstraps and starts the Io T Edge agent, it can create an implicit registration for the Io T Edge agent, after it has attested that the Io T Edge agent has not been tampered with.

Io T Edge security daemon operates with the highest integrity possible within the defense capability of any given root of trust hardware.

The Io T Edge security daemon is architected to take advantage of any available hardware root of trust technology for security hardening.

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