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19-Dec-2019 11:00

Those who are also looking for specific sever config settings will likely find what they are looking for below.

Please note: You will need to launch your server once for it to generate config files (based of the default config files that come with the install.

These include url arguments attached to the command line itself (example ...bioticslab? option2here=x) as well as switches which are included after the main line (example ...bioticslab -switchhere -switch2here) This is the query port.

Changing this will change the port the server uses to communicate with Steam. Change this in your launch will make it different from the automatic change that happens if you change the default port.

If you edited this file for launching your server, either create a separate batch file to launch your server or remove the validate option from your Steam Cmd script. As such we have shipped the UE3with the server files and it can be found in the "\Binaries\Redist" sub folder of where you have installed the server from Steam CMD.

By default the server will use the following ports: By default the game will launch into the Survival coop game mode which is a 6 player game mode.

Setting up a Dedicated Server is relatively easy, unless you're installing it with the "HLDS Update Tool".

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An example of what to put in the address bar of the browser is: They will be presented with a login screen. The password will be whatever was set as the admin pass in Steam replaces WON, which was originally used for Half-Life multiplayer games.

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