Validating the sensor network calculus by simulations proximo dating

08-Apr-2020 20:11

validating the sensor network calculus by simulations-28

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Software development for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is challenging due to characteristics of sensor nodes and the environment they are deployed in.Testing software in a real WSN testbed allows users to get reliable test results.It is rooted in the deterministic network calculus, which it instantiates for WSNs, as well as it generalizes it in some crucial aspects, as for instance in-network processing.

Presenting best practices and insights from global experts, the book provides you with an understanding of what to simulate, where to simulate, whether to simulate or not, when to simulate, and how to simulate for a wide range of issues.

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However, real testbeds become more expensive as the number of sensor nodes in the network grows.

validating the sensor network calculus by simulations-56

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Simulation tools are alternatives to real testbeds. However, simulation results are not reliable as that of testbeds.Many previous works have been done on reliable transmission is ...

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