Vb net validating xml

15-Apr-2020 13:56

Once you've created that instance you can call any public method passing the information retrieved.Now that you have an instance of the class you can call any method contained in that class.In this article I'll show you how we can update our business rules on a moment's notice without having to shutdown the application, allowing us to react quicker to changing business conditions. Take a look at this sample code to dynamically determine information about a Type at run time: The code uses an assembly object to call the Get Types method to return all the Types contained in this assembly.

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Nearly every application that collects data, whether from a Windows- or Web-based form or from a file, needs to validate that the data is in the correct format.All of this information is stored in the assembly's manifest, which is created at compile time. NET reflection classes query the assembly's manifest for information about what is contained in the assembly. Activator, contains methods to create types of objects locally or remotely, or obtain references to existing remote objects.You can use the information obtained using reflection to dynamically create an instance of a class located in an external assembly.In this example foo is an instance of a class of Type Foo.

Foo implements the IValidator interface, so "v" is not null.

This allows your application to have a common data representation when communicating between modules.

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