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The use of cast iron for cookware is centuries old and many of the vintage pieces can still be used today.

For example, cast iron Dutch ovens were used by the settlers of the United States as they traveled westward.

The real story is slightly more complicated and is quite common when small family operated business grow into large corporations.

Companies are bought and sold, consolidated and dismantled, and the cast iron cookware business is no different.

You can tell the quality difference pretty much immediately.

modemac over at Cast Iron Chaos has some additional details also.) This is the start of the Wagner cast iron dynasty as we are familiar with it.

In 1959, the final nail in the coffin came when Randall sold off Griswold and Wagner to Textron. in 1969 and that included the Griswold and Wagner cast iron cookware lines.

It is widely accepted that post-1960 Griswold and Wagner cookware is not in the same collectible class as the pre-1960 cookware. One could argue that those cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and griddles that were made after the merger and acquisitions are better than the ones made after 1990 or so, and that probably not far from the truth.

So I had no idea that the hammered finish was there. Billy SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 AT PM See the 3.2 Quart Lodge LCC3 Cast Iron Combo Cooker at Amazon Hi Diane! However when trying to clean it up and put in the oven to season it the sheen turned to a thick glue like substance. It doesn’t scrape out easily at allgreg OCTOBER 3, 2013 AT AMI’ve always favored cast iron, and particularly Wagner or Griswold because they had smooth finishes to cook on. The “L” word while they have a fine line-up are too rough. I had a small set of Lodge cookware that I assembled over the last few years and they were just so rough.Check out some of my other posts, full of info on every part of your kitchen. In 1996, a group of investors, which included a former employee of Wagner, purchased the Wagner and Griswold cookware lines. They continued manufacturing for another 3 years before closing their doors in Sidney in 1999.In 2000, the American Culinary Corporation purchased the rights, legacy, and remaining facilities of the Wagner and Griswold lines. The pretty, colorful stuff – read my blog entry for some of the finer points of Enameled Cast Iron vs. James SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 AT AMWhy is that Wagner 1058 Skillet silver on the outside? Margaret SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 AT PMMy dad has a Wagner 1891 original cast iron tea pot that is rustled or deteriorated inside Frm yrs of keeping water in it on their wood burning stove. Well, you can clean the inside but it will definitely take some work. There’s another step after the oven cleaner sessions where you treat the rusted area with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. However, the kettle might not be a “collectible” though it will probably hold some sentimental value.The former employee noted above is Peter Pike and is the President/CEO of the American Culinary Corporation. Pike is dedicated to the legacy and quality of the Wagner and Griswold names. Please check out my post on how I acquired my first piece of Wagner Cast Iron. (the top picture) It is one of the aluminum skillets? Wagner does have lids and you’d have to watch e Bay for a week or two to find the right one for you. Let me know if you need help locating a suitable lid. diane legendre SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 AT PMsays 11 3/8 is the size and 2 inchs deep. diane legendre SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 AT PMi have my mothers corn bread pan, wagner c heavy. Is it possible to clean the inside and is it of any value? So, in the 1990s the company that owned the Wagner name started to make “The Wagner’s 1891 Original Cast Iron” series in commemoration of the original cast iron company.

JBilly SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 AT PMHi James, It isn’t aluminum but is just the raw cast iron. beleive from 1950′s any information about it.diane legendre SEPTEMBER 25, 2013 AT PMwhat is older wagner ware or wagner. think the corn bread pan c is from the 1950′s Billy SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 AT PMHey Diane! Can you tell me what is written on the bottom of the cornbread pan? The bottom line is that if the tea pot says “1891 Original” then, against logic, the cast iron piece is probably only about 20 years old. Billy OCTOBER 7, 2013 AT PMHi Greg, Thanks for coming by…

Wagner Manufacturing was able to produce world-class cookware, rivaling and later surpassing the other powerhouse in the cast iron cookware arena, Griswold.

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