Washburn mandolin dating

03-Apr-2020 12:28

Its manufacturing date should be somewhere around 1925.Are you looking for a vintage Martin guitar or Gibson guitar, a fine Gibson mandolin, or a good upright Kay bass? 55911) Excellent condition, Sheraton brown top finish, dark brown back and sides, bound top, back and fingerboard, pearl logo, ebony fretboard and new Loar replica bridge from Richie Dotson. Original finish with black top and a reddish back and sides, all solid woods with a two piece back and sides, spruce top, pearl logo and Fleur DI Lise in the peghead, original hardware including the inlaid Handel tuners, bound top and back, and a bound ebony fingerboard with treble extension. Frets were just dressed and the mandolin set up perfectly by luthier Jerry Ray. It has the true red sunburst top finish and reddish back and sides, pearl peghead inlay and logo, bound top and back, and a bound ebony fingerboard with treble extension. The hardware and finish are original, including the pearl and wire inlad buttons on the Handel tuners. A straight original mandolin showing some minor playing wear.With its excellent sound projection, and its warm, balanced tone, this excellent Mandolin is perfect for relative beginners looking to take up the instrument.This awesome Mandolin is available now at PMT Online and In-Store for a superb price - its lowest price ever, in fact!Where it counts, however - all solid woods, carved spruce top, carved birch back and sides - its the same mandolin as the higher grade versions. At 14 1/2 inches, these are the longest scale mandolins ever made by Gibson.

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The A4 was the top of the line A style mandolin for Gibson.