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20-Dec-2019 08:55

Have the original admin scan the QR code, have the new admin confirm it on their We Chat, hey presto, admin privilege. - Add A Logo/Thumbnail; Can't be more than 2mb, and can't be political or pornographic unless you want to get your Chinese ID holder in trouble. - Set A We Chat ID; otherwise it's just a mess of random numbers that's a real pain to search. Upload it by going "Settings - This one's on you, friend. QR Code: We Chat ID: China Wire China Wire is an English We Chat official account where you can find articles on China news, food, travel, learning Chinese and more .QR Code: We Chat ID: Guidein China Guidein China is an English We Chat official account featuring news and guides about China.QR Code: We Chat ID: the Beijingerthe Beijinger is the We Chat official account of the the Beijinger magazine, featuring events and guides on Beijing.QR Code: We Chat ID: Thats_Shanghai Thats Shanghai is the We Chat official account of That’s Shanghai, a popular magazine about Shanghai. QR Code: We Chat ID: imandarini Mandarin is an English-Chinese bilingual We Chat official account featuring daily lessons on learning Mandarin.

One popular feature of We Chat is its official accounts (微信公众号), which is a way for organizations, companies and individuals to interact with their customers and followers.

If you live in China and have a We Chat account (I bet you have one), you might be looking for some good We Chat official accounts to follow.

Below is a list of some of the best English We Chat official accounts in China.

It is, however, possible to migrate the followers, articles and library to another account later on. Don't fuck around here, you can only change the name of your account twice per year, though your introduction can change 5 times per month. This is the We Chat admin backend, and it's a beautiful mess. It'll drive you slowly insane why does it randomly delete spaces between English words but if you want to blow people's minds, you're going to use a third-party formatting tool.

Note that the name of the account is not the same as the account's We Chat ID. Thank your lucky stars it's in English now, the user experience has been lathered in Astroglide compared to two years ago. The two we hear most about are 135editor and xiumi. Have you recently opened some fabulous new thing that you want to promote? Nevermind We Chat at Work, it's basically a glorified company We Chat group. You can post every day, but it will end up in that "Subscription" folder on your main We Chat feed that fills you with dread every time you accidentally tap it. Note: We're not going through how to get a company account set up.

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