Wep validating identity

12-Oct-2019 23:08

However, we strongly recommend that you do not embed or distribute long-term AWS credentials with apps that a user downloads to a device, even in an encrypted store.Instead, build your app so that it requests temporary AWS security credentials dynamically when needed using .You can try stepping up encryption to wpa/tkip, wpa-psk/aes, wpa-psk/tkip however the settings must be the same on both your router and your card.That said you cannot have wpa set on your card and have wpa-psk set on router.The supplied temporary credentials map to an AWS role that has only the permissions needed to perform the tasks required by the mobile app.

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your card does not support wpa2 if i am reading your dropdown list correctly on your card.

For details, see the following section, Using Amazon Cognito for Mobile Apps.