When did gretchen and slade start dating dating back in the days

04-Oct-2019 22:03

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That was really, really hard for me and Slade to come out of that,” Rossi said. I’ve never really suffered through that or been in that circumstance before.

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The road to pregnancy hasn’t been easy Rossi explains on Instagram. The couple started dating 10 years ago but seriously started trying to have a family five years into the relationship.I am a type-A personality where I like to plan and I definitely want to have a nursery done and ready to go,” Rossi adds.that the wonderful pregnancy news "still doesn't feel real."The couple, who began dating almost a decade ago, first pursued in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2013.“The little tubes that they’re reconnecting are smaller than the tip of a pen, and if for some reason you scar when it heals, it completely closes off the tubes again and it defeats the whole purpose of the re-connection.

It is very challenging for them to be able to go in and actually find success in the reversals.” And even though Smiley had the vasectomy reversed the couple continued with IVF.“We’ve also got family members who are prepping gender-reveal events and parties, so we’ve agreed to not take that joy from them and we’re excited to see what they put together.