Who is alison krauss dating

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She does everything she can to keep her son, Sam, 2, from the public eye, and her liner notes and official Web site offer only career highlights.The house, whose stone face lends it a sort of Bavarian folk-tale air, is about 20 years old, built by a lawyer who sold it to a fiddler, whose ex-wife sold it to Ms. (Exes, an occupational hazard in the country-western business, litter the Nashville landscape; last year, Ms.Krauss sometimes seems correspondingly uncomfortable with the public recognition she has achieved -- recognition that this year includes five Grammy nominations.Alone or with her band, she has already won 10 Grammys.Krauss, who grew up in that Illinois town and attended the University of Illinois, where she studied music composition and history.Also on the mantel was a snapshot of a young woman with her two front teeth missing. '' Of the television set in the den she said: '' When I was growing up we were allowed to watch a half an hour of TV a day, but I don't let Sam watch any at all. When you see a child playing happily with just a couple of spoons, how entranced he can be with them, why does he need all that overstimulation?Her arrangements, more polished than a lot of bluegrass music, flirt with pop while remaining faithful to tradition, and she has a theremin-pure voice and a powerful and charismatic presence on the stage.Along with a number of other American roots musicians, she will take part in a concert of the Grammy-nominated music from the Coen brothers' movie '' O Brother, Where Art Thou?

They have a son named Sam who was born in July 1999.

She is small and slender, with short blond-highlighted hair. (She and the band use two 40-foot Prevost tour buses, silver palaces with lounges and bunk beds -- second homes.)The Nashville house has an open-plan living room, den and dining room, and eclectic furniture: a folding chair next to a handsome old sideboard, for instance.

There is a fragility about her, a kind of uncertainty, making her feelings about privacy almost painfully credible. When I was there, it may have been still suffering from the décor problems that divorces almost always seem to cause.

I went to get my driver's license, and the clerk looked at my name and looked up at me and frowned and said, ' I can't believe you go out looking like that.' '' Ms.

Krauss seemed surprised that she was supposed to look glamorous all the time.Still, she remains a little elusive, and for the last five years or so has lived modestly and quietly in a simple house here.