Who is desmond elliot dating

19-Sep-2019 15:02

She gave birth to a son and then a daughter (born in 19 respectively) but is now divorced from their father.

Some of these false death reports are intentional – passing as costly jokes or mischiefs, while others are complete mistakes.

Without confirming if it is true, they went ahead and started spreading the rumor.

The picture people were made to believe it was how I died is actually a movie scene taken from a film I featured in titled “Reflections,” I am so surprised that the news went that far, I don’t have anything to say to those behind the acts but all I can say is that I am alive and healthy”.

Here are the most popular False Celebrity Death Reports Witnessed Over The Years.

On Friday September 14, 2012, someone wrote on Facebook that Desmond Elliot was dead.

Folks who want this American comedian dead are really mean ones.