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However, there was always a line that we would never cross.”Hoggard is hardly the first music celebrity to be rocked by allegations in 2018.

He has an ever-growing list of company that ranges from the high-profile likes of Maynard James Keenan to sad also-rans like Crystal Castle’s Ethan Kath.

The way I’ve treated women was reckless and dismissive of their feelings.” He went on to apologize for his behavior: “I was given a position of leadership and power and I mishandled it. I’ve let down my family, my friends, and so many fans.

I’m sorry.” The band also released a statement, as some of the allegations were directed at all of the group members, including guitarist Dave Rosin , bassist Tommy Mac and drummer Jay Beni.

Hedley is a Vancouver-based pop-punk band that launched to stardom in 2005 after lead singer Jacob Hoggard’s successful run on Canadian Idol.

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Also, while we’ll concede that it’s unfair to say Hedley ruined everything for everyone, Hoggard technically isn’t Hedley, but he might as well be, considering he founded the band and no one knows the names of anyone else who plays in Hedley.)In the wake of the #Me Too tidal wave, behaviour that was, appallingly, once considered okay in certain circles is now anything but.

Hoggard was arrested and charged with sexual interference and two counts of sexual assault in July 2018.