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To please her father and his social circle, she abandons her old style and dons an upper-class sophisticated look; it is subsequently noted in the British newspapers that Henry's polling is rising.

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Realizing that he still loves Libby, Henry informs Daphne that he has "a rather large present" for her—in the person of Ian, whom he has brought with him. In the epilogue, Glynnis gets married to a wealthy nobleman and Clarissa marries Armistead (who still has a wandering eye). Libby and Henry are married in a Bedouin ceremony; this time they make sure it is legal and binding. As the credits begin to roll, Daphne, Ian, Henry, Libby, Jocelyn and Percy (the butler) sit down to a family meal on the grounds of Dashwood Manor.Daphne tries to confront him, but Glynnis grabs Daphne and locks her in another room.