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03-Nov-2019 16:57

I had to wiggle my ass a lot, in order to shimmy out of them.This action only caused my mother to get a close up view of my wiggling ass cheeks.I will give you twenty spanks to your bare bottom and you will count them out for me. " Mom had returned her fingers to my pussy and asshole, and was now running her fingers up and down between my wet folds as another finger teased around my asshole.I was able to whimper out, "Yes, mommy." She never stopped teasing my pussy and asshole, as she brought her other hand back and delivered a swift spank to my ass cheeks.I expect you to be waiting on our bed when I get there." I texted back a quick reply of, "Yes, mommy." I then waited for her to get home.

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I looked at myself in the mirror and squealed, because I knew how mom would react to seeing me this way.Just like when I had dressed in my leather slave girl outfit, I couldn't resist taking a few selfies on my phone.