Wordpress sidebars not updating

20-Apr-2020 00:05

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Solution Pay attention to the source file and specific file chosen to view the changes.

Try to give distinct easily distinguishable names to different files and folders of your website.

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However, the problem arises when you make a change on your website.

But what to do, if the changes you did in content or design are not committed.

Actually, Word Press pages are not getting updated with the changes you did. I got many queries that users made many changes to Word Press theme, page, post or widget.

Solution You can set web page caching off via your web host’s configuration panel.

If not, you can contact your web host for disabling the web page caching.Here at Templatetoaster Word Press website builder, Some common situations are enlisted below that are encountered by most of the users: There are some common factors responsible for not updating your Word Press website. Let’s see the reasons and solutions One of the main causes of the issue is poorly configured Word Press cache plugin.