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In it, society has discovered that righteous indignation is a form of addiction.I thought it was kind of silly at first glance, but I've thought about it more and more, and now I think that Brin is onto something be fair to the point this person was.....trying for, Mockingbird is a southern gothic novel, one feature of which is an unimpeachable, knightly hero character.I also tend to play my muse's main universe as being very close/part of various universes—so in my mind, the Whoniverse and universe is an alternate timeline).The Doctor is canonically nonbinary by both human and Gallifreyan standards.(Xe also does get annoyed with even xir own companions still thinking xe is human.)Before we talk about Looms, we need to talk about the Pythia's curse.

They hold literature of black women on this high pedestal, but on the same note, don't bother at all to understand dates or how certain works can be forgotten in time.

Nyarlathotep, and Faction Paradox are canon for my muse.

Eight's Big Finish audios are also canon for him in a flash-sideways (read: alternate timeline) fashion.

I read TKAM much earlier though because it's not 500 pages long, it's at a lower reading level than Invisible Man.

The fact that books like To Kill A Mockingbird or practically anything by Twain are still assigned is actually evidence against his idea that To Kill A Mockingbird makes people think racism is a thing of the past.I agree that we can have more than one book or account of racism and that's a pretty important point the author here is missing. Toni Morrison was well beyond TKAM as far as publishing dates go.

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