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In 2017, Kingsley Shacklebolt issued an Act known as the LGBTQ Act, stating no man shall date the person of same sex.

This sparked several controversies against the Ministry, but one ministry worker, Head of Department of Health and Human Services said that "It is sexually immoral to be gay, but if you can't help it, consent must be given to the Ministry of Magic." The Ministry of Magic HATES "sneaky relationships", as this is defined to: when a person (usually male) would sneak a relationship with someone (female) with deliberate knowledge that another person (typically a desperate one) will elope, which will usually give the seeker depression, and a chance of suicide.

The King, having heard just about enough of Zelda's argumentative teenager phase, tells them that his ship sails in the morning and wonders what is for dinner.

Link agrees and states that his neglect has left him so hungry that he could eat an octorok.

), better known online as SMG4 (initialized as Super Mario Glitchy4) // Glitch Productions, is an Asian-Australian machinimist who makes Super Mario 64 Bloopers.

Lerdwichagul also owns an animation company named Glitch Productions (formerly known as Glitchy Boy).

Its productions are uploaded onto the SMG4 channel, including the You Tube original series Meta Runner.

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He makes bloopers based on the video game Super Mario 64, and the setting of most of his bloopers are either original SM64 maps and Garry's Mod maps.

The Ministry sees that as "highly unacceptable" and disrespectful against victims, and there are also loopholes (like bypassing the Ministry Security).